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Calhoun Academy

About Our School

Calhoun Academy serves the citizens of Calhoun, Chickasaw, Webster, and Yalobusha counties through a comprehensive program of instruction, student's services and activities. The following goals provide guidance for administrative decisions and give direction to all units of the school for planning, implementing, and evaluating activities

1. To employ and retain a qualified and competent faculty and staff who are dedicated to teaching and service.

2. To teach quality academic courses which ensure successful college preparation.

3. To provide student services which assist individuals in goal selection, decision making, establishment of values, and development of attitudes of responsibility and cooperation.

4. To sponsor services which include sports as well as those social, extra-curricular, civic, and cultural activities which develop leadership, creative skills, and personal growth.

We have a group of teachers that strive to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere.

Our Staff

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